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How To Select Children's Toys Apr 08, 2017

Baby's growth process needs to supplement many to promote their physical and brain development, a variety of exquisite design, vibrant small toys become entertaining in daily life choice. But as parents, in the face of the store's dazzling array of goods, how to choose their own baby toys become a problem.

Children toys can ignite the spark of wisdom, but the selection is not eyebrows beard, needed in different stages of the growth of the baby toys should be different.

1-3 months

Newborn baby's eyes can only be a short stay in an object, 1-2 months to better focus on the line of sight, 3 months before you can see objects 4-7 meters away. Therefore, within 3 months of the baby should be given a bright color, large volume, with the sound of music toys, such as inflatable animals, balloons, plastic hanging bells, etc., in order to promote the development of vision and hearing.

4-6 months

This time the child, touch has established contact with each other, then choose the baby can reach out to touch, scratch or pinch the sound of toys, such as all kinds of plastic toys made of Bell and etc..

7-9 months

This time the child has been able to sit up in bed or reaching, you should choose a simple, fun, durable toys, such as toys, dolls and other kinds of motor.

10-12 months

Children of this age most like to throw things, should choose to inspire and can be used to grasp the activities of toys, not easy to break the good, such as plush and rubber, plastic toys.

At the age of 1~2

Children start walking, lively, is a period of rapid development of sensation, perception, attention and memory, should be combined with the development of children's intelligence can use drag and sound toys, such as walking drums bear, wooden pull duckling car etc..

At the age of 3~6

At this time the children love to accompany, active, there is a strong desire for knowledge and imitation, at this time to pick up the toys to be able to disassemble to meet their curiosity.

All in all, the selection of toys, should be based on the age of the baby and the understanding of the ability to be determined, so as to help develop physical coordination and intelligence from a variety of aspects. But we should also pay attention to the quality of toys on the market is uneven, the need to take into account the safety and hygiene.