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Children's Car To Pay Attention To The Five Taboos Apr 08, 2017

In daily life, we often see the street passing car is a mother holding a child sitting in the copilot, or their children sitting in the copilot, however, is that these seemingly ordinary travel habits, but hidden in considerable danger, in the event of an accident will cause great harm to the the child.

According to authoritative statistics show that every year, 18 thousand and 500 children died in traffic accidents. When a car accident, the child safety seat is not installed in the car is 8 times the child mortality rate of child safety seats installed, the injury rate is 3 times. A survey report of the national quality inspection bureau last year released by the end of May, China's only 19.7% of families use child safety seat.

The safety of a child is related to the happiness of a family, children ride, often some parents think that their children are good, but there are security risks. Of course, in addition to sitting copilot, there are some wrong way to ride also need to cause the attention of parents. Following with the small series together inventory of children riding the wrong way.

1, the child alone or by the adults sitting in the copilot

Many young parents dote on their children, when they go out to hold the baby sitting in the driver's seat, a little larger to sit alone in the copilot, in fact, this has a lot of security risks. If there is an accident, the child's head is easily hit by an air bag, may cause the child chest fractures, intracranial hemorrhage and other injuries. Mother holding the child will not wear a seat belt, in the event of a collision, the adults simply can not hold the child, the arms of the villain will fly out.

2, let the children out of the skylight or side window

To Zijia You always see a lot of vehicles with sunroof, the curiosity of children is too strong will come out from the skylight, and leaned out of the car, if this is just the traffic intersection, will scratch to the child's body is light. If you touch the window button is easy to get hurt, will be outside the car bumps.

3, let the children use adult safety belt

Because the child's body is small, when the collision occurs, the safety belt can not play a fixed role, children with the decline of inertia, but deep into the safety belt Le neck, once a collision, the safety belt will be tight on both sides with sharp, directly has a very big damage to the child's neck.

4, let the child standing on the central armrest

Some small baby is naughty in the car, just want to sit in the central armrest, central armrest area is small, and can not be fixed by the child's body, the emergency brake, the child may fly out, and the shift lever, the front of the console and the windshield will cause harm to the child.

5, the child alone locked in the car

There are a lot of careless parents will put the child in the car, but because of the keys, the vehicle will be automatically locked children locked in the car. Especially in the summer sun is poison, high temperature inside the car, hypoxia, and even lead to suffocation. Winter in the absence of air conditioning, the child will be frozen.

Therefore, to remind the owner of the car, with children must use a child safety seat. Let children grow up and used to use a safe seat, not only for the child's care and protection of childhood, but also to train children's safety awareness, and thus develop a safe ride to benefit life.